Weath Straw Cup w/ Bamboo Spoon

13,30 €  

Weath straw is the stalk left over after wheat grains are harvested. 

The cup is round and delicate, comfortable to hold, and resistant to temperature. The top of the lid is provided with a breathable valve, which is made of a safe silicone material and is easy to open. Also, it has a silicone portable handle, easy to take.

Bamboo is a sturdy reusable, sustainable material that is biodegradable and free of toxic ingredients.

Since bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial it will be more resistant to infestation, rotting, and warping. Bamboo is also more water-resistant, which makes it a good option for different types of products.

Word of wisdom: all perishable foods that are prepared should be thrown out after 5/7 days. If you want your leftovers to last longer, freeze them 🥗🍝

For every product you buy, we commit to fight deforestation.
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