Treethis Menstrual Cup

18,00 €  

The menstrual cup is a great sustainable alternative to pads and tampons.

Up to 12-hour protection. Super soft and comfortable. Doesn't cause dryness or irritation. Eco-friendly. Easy to insert, use and wash.

Material: 100% medical grade silicone, BPA free, no latex

Color: Natural

Size A: for women who didn't give birth vaginally | 76mm ↑ / 50mm ø / 25mm (stem)
Size B: for women who gave birth vaginally | 80mm ↑ / 42mm ø / 25mm (stem)

How to use: Simply fold the cup into a 'u-shape' and gently insert it. It will unfold and be secured in place by a light vacuum. Just try to rotate it to ensure that it is fully open and secured.

To remove it, push it slightly to allow some air to enter and pull out the cup. Empty it to the toilet or during the shower. Wash it just with hot water and soap.

After one period finishes, you should sterilize it. The most common practice is to place it in boiling water to fully sanitize it before the next period.

Word of wisdom: Instead of boiling it, try to use reusable sterilizer bags. Most of these products can be used up to 20/30 times, are made of recyclable plastic and only require 60ml of water. This way, you will be contributing longer for a clean and safe planet and save water 🐠 🌊 🐬

Buying this product plants one tree! 🌲Know more 🌲

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