One Tree

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During photosynthesis, trees 'sequester' CO2 from the atmosphere, cleaning our air. They can absorb up to 25% of CO2 emissions caused by human activity! Then, they not only store the carbon but they also produce oxigen.

And we should also thank trees for making the prettiest landscapes on earth :)

So, we want to challenge you to offset your footprint even more with tree planting 🌲

Our tree planting efforts in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia and Mozambique are made with the help of local partners. Only native species are planted, which vary within the different planting sites. Plus, a percentage of agroforestry species are planted for community use. This prevents locals from using the newly restored forests and provides greater involvement in the projects.

The impact of tree planting goes beyond 'air cleaning'. Check how you are contributing to different SDGs (what?) and changing the world!

  • Increasing habitat for endangered species
  • Improving the health of the oceans by planting mangrove trees.
  • Mitigating climate change through carbon sequestration.
  • Equalizing the gender equation by hiring and empowering women as tree planters and managers
  • Providing a steady income to loving parents who are now able to afford an education for their children.
  • Ensuring food security for local communities by making sure 10% of the trees planted are agroforestry species designed for human use
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